Farewell, and…

Hello everyone,

We have both good news and bad news for you.
Let me start from the good news 🙂

Formosa will have their own EM!

Now I need to tell you the bad news.
We, EM Asiantam and EM Nekomata will have to move from Formosa, but we will help your EM anytime if he needs our help.

Regarding the event planned for the next month, we have cancelled it for now. Stay tuned for further information from your new EM!

Thanks all for having us on Formosa, it was a short while but we really have enjoyed our stay.

See you again someday!

“With virtue, it shall be.”

~EM Asiantam & EM Nekomata

灰姑娘 – Cinderella and the Pumkin Carriage

This is the very first event held by EM Asiantam and EM Nekomata, who are assigned temporarily until we get Chinese speaking EM on Formosa.
We’re looking forward to meeting you all there on Formosa!

One day, Cinderella finds herself returned to a poor girl!

*Date and Time: October 22, 21:00 CST
*Meeting place: Britain NPC house (sextant loc: 8o 36’S, 15o 32’E).
*Gate to the event starting location will be provided from Luna bank and Britain Counselor’s Guild.
*Make sure you join the chat channel “Formosa EM event”.
*Please note the event will be hosted mainly in English by Japanese EM, with a little bit of Chinese and Japanese.
*We are still looking for Chinese speaking EM for Formosa. Don’t hesitate to submit your email to Mesanna!

Posted by EM Asiantam

Anon attempts to repair honor gate !!!

(Dear all I am sorry to inform that this event is cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 親愛的每個人。今天的Event將被取消。很抱歉造成的不便。)

Greetings all !

It is I Anon the Mystical Mage leader of Council of Mages (CoM). On this day 1st September I will try to repair the Honor Gate. I hope I succeed as my mages from CoM needs it to travel between worlds. Please come together and pray for me for success in repairing the gate. If not the world maybe lost to us.

Venue: Brit Guard House

Date: 1st September (Saturday)

Time: 9pm TWN  10pm JPN

Gates will be provided at Luna bank to Venue

大家好 !

我是Anon Council of Mages (CoM)的領導者。我會盡力修理Honor moongate。我希望我成功的修理Honor moongate。如果不成功我的法師們將無法行駛。請一起來祈禱我成功的修理Honor moongate。如果不成功我們可能會損失這些許多的世界。

地點: Brit Guard House

日期: 9月1日(星期六)

時間: 晚上9點 TWN 10點 JPN


Posted by EM Munkey

Memorable Moment Story Contest

Memorable Moment
To help us celebrate our 15th year anniversary we have come up with a nice piece of art that will be the reward for this writing contest. We will be picking 5 winners from each shard.  The players that write the best story about their most memorable moment in UO will be sent a code to redeem for one of these robes.

The rules are as follows:

  • Must be between 250 to 500 words
  • Deadline September 15th
  • Essays will be judged based on originality, content, and how well they capture what is special about the memorable moment they have chosen to describe.
  • Winners and their essays will be announced on the Herald
  • Codes will be mailed to you by Mesanna by October 6th
  • Mail your entries to your shard Event Moderator. ([email protected] / [email protected] )

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to reading your stories.  Here is a sneak preview of the reward for this contest.







•獲獎者和他們的文章將公佈在UO Herald

•密碼將通過電子郵件發送給您by Mesanna 10月6日

•通過電子郵件發送你的故事 to EM Takako / EM MunKey([email protected] / [email protected] )。


Posted by EM Munkey

Sun Wukang needs help!!!

Greetings everyone, it was reported that monkey god Sun Wukang is requesting help from the people of Sosaria. It seems his legendary weapon had been stolen from him. We need to help him.

Date: 25th August 2012 Saturday

Time: 9pm TWN 10pm JPN

Venue: Britain guard House (gate will be provided from Luna Bank)


日期: 2012年8月25日 (星期六)

時間: 晚上9點 TWN 10點JPN

地點: Britain guard House (將在Luna銀行提供moongate)

Posted by EM Munkey

Formosa 2012 Treasure Hunt is here! 阿福 2012 年尋寶大挑戰已將來臨!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Formosa 2012 Treasure Hunt is here!

Date: 11th August 2012

Time: 9pm TWN 10pm JPN

Venue: Britain guard House (gate will be provided from Luna Bank)

It is time to find Formosa best treasure hunting team. The team that comes up 1st will be officially known as Formosa Official Treasure Hunting Team. This team may represent Formosa in inter shard treasure hunting challenges.

Details and Rules:

1)      There will be 7 maps to be completed. From level 1 map to level 7 map. (Please note that the ID of these maps will be recorded so no cheating)

2)      The team should have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 including the treasure digger.

3)      All maps are in Trammel

4)      The team may use any methods to defeat the monsters that spawn from the treasure chest.

5)      There is no time limit but once the first team completes the challenge is over.

6)      You will keep everything that you dig from this event. Even if you do not finish you may keep the remaining maps.

7)      EM will verify the completion of all the maps 1-7 with the IDs recorded and the winner will be confirmed.

8)      There are limited team spaces so register early in the following format.

  • Team Name
  • Player names
  • Main treasure digger name
  • Email of team leader

(The following details must be emailed to EM MunKey by 10th of August email : [email protected])

大新聞! 大新聞!

阿福 2012 年尋寶大挑戰已將來臨!!!

日期: 2012年8月11日

時間: 晚上9點 TWN 10點JPN

地點: Britain guard House (將在Luna銀行提供moongate)

是時間去尋找阿福最好的尋寶隊。第一的尋寶隊將正式稱為阿福 2012年阿福正式尋寶隊。這個尋寶隊可以代表阿福與其他shard競爭UO最好的尋寶隊。


1)      將有7藏寶圖來完成。(Level 1 – Level 7寶圖) (EM將有所有這些藏寶圖將有自己的ID取下來。因此,沒有欺騙行為。

2)      尋寶隊將有最小2名玩家最多不超過5玩家。

3)      所有地圖在 Trammel

4)      尋寶隊可以使用任何方法來打敗怪物。

5)      沒有時間限制,但1st team完成挑戰將結束。

6)      你可以保留一切你挖物品包括地圖。

7)      EM會核對所有寶圖的ID記錄,之後贏家將被公佈。

8)      活動名額有限,所以請儘早報名。

(請email EM MunKey使用以下格式。)

  • 隊名。
  • 所有玩家的名字。
  • 主要挖寶藏玩家的名字。
  • 團隊領導者的電子郵件。

(細節必須通過電子郵件發送給EM MunKey by 10th August 2012 Email : munkey)

Posted by EM Munkey